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im_binky's Journal
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Sunday, June 28th, 2009
12:25 am
so the last thing that happened in my dream last night, right before i opened my eyes, was that someone very clearly and deliberately said "you are going to die a terrible death very soon"

record-must go faster, must go faster
Saturday, May 30th, 2009
10:23 pm

i dont know why they double spaced the stanzas or whatever.


like a flesh parade of boiled bodies

like drunk festivals of sprung corpses

we broke the camels back

the surgeon general's iron lung(s) turned black

malignant cancer tans chew the prostate

chorus:(it's like how)

the dead letter office is a butt fucking orifice

the phantom limb foreman donates papercut blood

like the shadows haunting your attic

like a silhouette in the curtains

you feel your larynx snap

the stiff commander ordered the attack

the judges jack off their crooked hammers

chorus:(it's like how)

they donate your family tree to paper shred charity

the phantom limb foreman is a ding dong ditch doorman

theres adultery pregnancies for embryo vacancies

the smoke sucking factories' a daydreaming fantasy

you feel the stitches crosshatching your skull

the saber toothed tetnis knife releases your stomach

Man is the Bastard

the dentists/policemen offer cavity searches

they poison your children with your kitchen sink chronic

Man is the Bastard


is no

where safe

for you

we'll trade

your grins

for ba

bies skin

Sunday, September 7th, 2008
6:46 pm
i need to quit my fucking job.
Thursday, August 28th, 2008
12:13 am
what do the students at the school of satan eat during snack time?
pentagra(h)am crackers.
what do they have after snack time?
pentagrammar classes.

what do they call it when the band Traffic plays a show in LA?
a Traffic jam.
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
10:43 am
my corny, cut-the cheese-y ass jokes.
why is it bad to drop acid?
because you can trip on it.

how do you give a saxophone player an orgasm?
you rub his kenny g spot.

what do you call a dick thats been sat on by an ass?
a colonoscopenis

what do muslims drink in order to lose weight?
muslim fast.
Sunday, July 13th, 2008
9:11 pm
does  anyone know what kind of software you need to upload songs from an 8 track onto a computer with?

i have stuff i want to show you.
Monday, April 28th, 2008
11:57 am

we march like shadowless corpses
funnel bound through the night
raise a fist with a white flag
raise a fist with a white flag
raise a fist with a white flag
raise a fist with a white flag
damnit jim i've never marched to war
i've never fought before
raise a fist with a white flag
so give me something better else to do
so give me something better else to do

i know i've got my
suicide violence
with iron glove in hand
to smash the steel tyrants
the steel machinery
moves right through me
the deep breath before the plunge
final twitch before silence /what the hell is wrong with death before silence

somebody needs to rescue me
you got to rescue me
somebody needs to rescue me
you got to rescue me from
stiff trigger happy suicide
stiff trigger suicide
from stiff trigger happy suicide 
stiff trigger suicide

i've got a suicide violence
i've got my suicide violence
i've got a suicide violence
so remove the safety from the needles trigger now

in and out and out and in/in and out and in again
self infliction is my favorite sin
its a cruel double-edged curse
heals the pain inside but the knife still hurts

you hurt yourself to feel alive
but youre still afraid of death
you say it heals the pain inside
but you wont take your last breath

i hope that when you die it burns
Friday, March 28th, 2008
9:50 pm

the song works.


Thursday, March 27th, 2008
9:08 pm
the street kids run the block the good ones always play along

i wrote the best song i have ever written last night. i started writing and refining it while i was on the folder gluer at work and set it aside until about 12 30 at night, where i had the chorus melody but not the words. my eyes were closed and i wanted to give up and go to sleep but my shitty ass brain kept on compiling combinations of words and i became restless until finally i worked through finding the perfect words for it. that was at about 1 30, and then i just worked on the music and different parts until about 4 30 in the morning and called in sick for work. and now that i have the song written i dont know what to do with it because it doesnt sound like my other stuff and it would completey ruin the continuity of any pairing of songs i make. its not punk riffy like my other shit, its really go team-y/sly and the family stone-ish. yeah, what the fuck.i seriously must have pulled it from a hole i didnt even know was there before, which means that maybe i have been needing to wear tampons without even knowing it. i've written things before that sound like it came from an out of fucking no where band (like the magistrate,  which was the end result of a chronic hard days night listening session but now just sounds like a catchier version of my other songs.) and i've been able to manipulate those songs to fit with my other songs that tend to be more similar in a more cohesive way . If anything it at least gave me the confidence of knowing that i'm still writing my best stuff, even if my songs are going to give me a personality crisis.

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
6:39 pm
"i go outside and he poo! i'm outside and he poo, man!"
some homeless guy keeps pooping behind where i work. one of my asian coworkers keeps telling me about how she sees poo back there all the time. "i go outside and he poo! i'm outside and he poo, man!"
that was probably the worst day of her entire life and i couldnt grasp it at the time because she couldnt articulate how shitty it was to me in english well enough. but if i only had a limited vocabulary to describe how a particular day was the worst day in my life, i'd probably use the exact same words she said in that exact sequence and it would probably communicate "worst day of my life" even though i said "i go outside and he poo! i'm outside and he poo, man!". even if i didnt see someone poo outside where i work, and i only knew like 100 words in a specific language to choose from and those words were the few words i knew in that language but i had to tell someone that its the worst day of my life without actually knowing how to say "today is the worst day of my life", i'd say "i go outside and he poo! i'm outside and he poo, man!" because it would mean what i meant to say, which is "this is the worst day of my life."
Wednesday, February 27th, 2008
7:27 pm
oooooooh yeaaaaaaaah
feeling gaaaaay

and really assy
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
7:02 pm
i massacred my hair
yeah, i trusted my twisted style compass and ended up with a kinda retarded hair cut, self inflicted completely. i figured i'd give everyone a bullet from the chamber that delivered my self image genocide, because i look so fucking retarded now that i thought i would run the social gauntlet of humiliation and give everyone a punch at my kamikaze fashion.

Saturday, February 16th, 2008
1:14 pm
Sunday, February 10th, 2008
10:21 pm
 i havent poated anything ion a while, so i thought i'd post a nother one of my fucking stories. 

after work, i went to off the record and m theory. picked up some yummy records by the black lips,. bad brains and the germs.
then i get a call from javajonspotz, who wants to party down. in no time i'm in nado. besides meeting sean bourdeaux, who wrote some miles from davis blues jams that he wanted to show us, nothing really happened at all, until we went to in n out,.

i had already been feeling confrontational since i hadnt gotten much sleep, so i felt coiled up and defensive, as i usually do when i'm drunk. john notices these 2 girls from CHS, and we go inside in n out and intercept them there. there had just been a screamo show, so a lot of kids wearing hoodies who hate their dads ("i dont want to brush my teeth before i go to bed!") were there. i sideline the conversation until one of the girls calls us cutters for being ahead of them in line. "oh yeah, were the cutters? were not the ones that just got out from a screamo show" i respond. she gives me a shitty look and later i blame her for "adam and eavesdropping" in and john and mine's conversation.

we go outside and john maintains his social coziness when someone who wanted the girls chesticles in his mouth walks up to them. he asks one of the girls about her boyfriend. she says that she had broken up with him. he inquires further, but he gives me a shifty look so i know hes going to try to give us some crap  when he gets a chance. He looks at me and John, and asks "so, who are these guys, your replacements?"

i dont really have any sense of protectiveness for this girl, but the fact that he called her a slut and tried to call me out in the same sentence was enough to set me off. I walk deliberately toward him, my hand outstretched to him, and say, "my friends call me john, but you can call me david."

i could tell he wasnt expecting to actually throw down a fight. what he wanted to do was come off as pretending to be willing to start a fight so that when we didnt escalate the situation he wouldnt actually have to fight. he thought that when we didnt do anything about it, we'd come off as the ones not willing to fight, not him.he'd just have marginalized us in front of the girls who he wanted to slither his way into without the threat of actually having the situation get escalated. so hes taken aback, and tries to cover his tracks by saying, "i like this guy, hes cool!  He's like a businessman!" as if to appease me. i'm not as much of a sissy as he is, so i decide to escalate the situation for him. 
"yeah, i'm a pretty  cozy guy. we should get cozy sometime."
and then he basically walks off with his tail between his legs.

the end
Saturday, February 9th, 2008
12:00 pm
something my female asian co worker told me
"1 lobster no scary. 10 lobster, VERY SCARY!"
Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
9:09 pm
i want a fucking tattoo

i wanna get buuuuurned badddd. i want a black lips tattoo of some sort

something fucking sinister like that. 

i just want a needle in my arm that i cant overdose on.

other than that i'm feeling pretty fucking gay. i'm trying to get behind hillary clinton in case she wins, but even bill clinton cant seem to get behind her. maybe if it was monica lewinski itd be easier for him to...get behind her. PMS-she seriously always seems like shes on her period. its like theres a period at the end of every sentence with her. she says "it took a clinton to clean up after a bush the first time and its gonna take a clinton to clean up after a bush the 2nd time." yeah well, you need to be a douchebag to clean a Bush so i guess shes right.

Friday, February 1st, 2008
9:52 pm
i feel poopin
a lot of my creativity has come to a halt because i dont feel inspired by the things that were inspiring me when i was flourishing. its understandable though. the bands that were unfairly carrying the weight of my creativity were the black lips and the germs. the germs lasted 6 months, the black lips were an inspiration for a year. but i guess eventually their usefulness as an inspiration has to wilt. i still love those bands, but they just dont have as much vibrance in my mind when i hear them. they basically were a blueprint for the type of music that i was feeling excited to write, but the excitement just isnt there now. when i feel uninspired, it usually happens to where i feel 3 months of assy pants and then 6 months of creative momentum. it sucks because i was finally ready to record all of my stuff for a full month before this happened, but some frosty faggy flakes who should all drown in milk flaked out on me. well just a couple, but they were both drummers. i'm not worried though, because i have a lot of really good stuff from these last few months and as soon as i'm inspired again i'm recording it at that moment regardless. it just sucks, because within that month that i felt ready i would have finished it, and i would have felt so satisfied with it because it was so polished in my mind....i knew exactly how i wanted everything to sound, or so i thought. i've always been scared of recording my music, but i was so confident in the quality of the material that i didnt have any reason to have doubts about recording it. now that i feel uninspired, the material is the same but i dont want to record those songs when i'm not feeling excited about them. it does make a difference. so now i have to wait.
Saturday, January 12th, 2008
9:47 pm


Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
8:33 pm
 hillary is boring as hell. but i really hope she does a good job.
Saturday, January 5th, 2008
11:47 pm
i'm not a very politically energetic person, but i watched some of the debates tonight and something hillary said to obama pissed me off. she says that you need experience in order to change things for the better. she says she has this experience that is necessary for change. she says her experience will help her make the right decisions. so why didnt her experience reveal that going to iraq was a bad call when she voted for the war? obama doesnt have experience, but he knew that it was a bad decision to send troops to iraq. experience is not valuable if it doesnt help you make the right decisions. you can not outqualify your limitations, no matter how much experience you have.  i know that its hard to predict whats going to happen, but isnt the point of experience to be able to make good judgements about things that you have to make a decision about now for the future?  this is probably an illogical insight so someone correct me where i'm wrong. color within the lines of my logics' holes.
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